Only wear your jewellery when appropriate, do not wear when cleaning, doing the dishes,  swimming, bathing, gardening, exercising etc.


Do not spray with perfumes and keep away from lotions, detergents, hairsprays and cosmetics.


Store jewellery in a cool dry place to protect against moisture and keep jewellery in separate pouches or boxes to avoid scratches and damage.


Keep all jewellery out of direct sunlight or sources of heat.


Do not clean with rough fabrics and never use strong chemical agents such as household cleaning products and bleaches.


Diamond jewellery will attract dust and grease very quickly, this will stop the stones catching the light as sharply causing a dullness and lack of sparkle to their appearance. Diamond and gemstone jewellery should be cleaned with warm soapy water using a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the stones as well as to the back of the stones where debris can get trapped in the setting of the item. Check that jewellery is rinsed well and dried thoroughly, ensuring no moisture is left behind.


Care should be taken with pieces which have very small stones set into them, as well as with gemstones such as Opals which should not be submerged in water.


Your jewellery should be checked regularly for worn or damaged claws and settings, as well as for loose stones, chips and cracks. The security of catches and clasps should also be checked often.


Pearls and stringed items of jewellery should not be submerged in water as this will cause damage to the silk thread. These pieces should be wiped over with a jewellery cloth regularly to prevent a build up of dirt.

Jewellery Care

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